Collaborative diagramming tool

The tool is called Gliffy

I forgot I had signed up to participate in the beta trial. I received my invitation this evening. So far I find the features are easy to navigate and use; Gliffy provides a number of aesthetic features too. You can invite others to collaborate and when you are finished you can publish to the web in 3 sizes (it generates a link to a jpg file).
I will give it more of a spin in the days to come.


What is Gliffy?

Gliffy is a suite of online applications designed to replace expensive and difficult to maintain desktop software. Since Gliffy applications work in any web browser, sharing your work is made simple.

What can I do with Gliffy?
Our first product is based around document creation. Some of the documents you’ll be able to build include:

  • Flow Charts
  • Workflow documents
  • Class Diagrams
  • Network Diagrams
  • Database schemas
  • Website layouts/wireframes
  • Floor plans
  • Seating charts… and more!